How Additional Car Insurance Coverage Can Help You Save Money

Reducing your limits or dropping a few coverages isn’t the best way to lower your car insurance costs, as it may leave you exposed to loss or liability. While discounts on your premiums are ideal, they’re not the only viable option. Sometimes, you can save a lot of money over time by customizing your coverage


Will a Typical Car Insurance Policy Cover Engine Failure?

Auto insurance policies typically only cover accident-related repairs. Your policy likely won’t cover engine failure or other malfunctions except if you have mechanical breakdown insurance coverage or if the engine failure was caused by a covered accident. However, the manufacturer’s warranty may cover engine damage. Read on for more detailed information on this topic. Types


Understanding Auto Liability Limits (Coverage Per Person, Per Accident)

There’s a maximum amount that your insurer can pay for a covered incident on your auto liability policy. This figure is the coverage limit for the specific event. If the cost of the covered accident exceeds your policy’s coverage limit, you’ll have to pay for the extra liability out of pocket. It’s important to understand