Knowing Your Home Insurance Policy’s Special Limits

Out of all the insured homes in the U.S., two-thirds are underinsured. While some homeowners know they’re underinsured, others do not. Undervaluing a home’s contents and failure to increase coverage after purchasing an expensive item or completing a major home improvement project contribute to homeowner’s underinsurance. Additionally, the special limits that insurers usually put on


Understanding Auto Liability Limits (Coverage Per Person, Per Accident)

There’s a maximum amount that your insurer can pay for a covered incident on your auto liability policy. This figure is the coverage limit for the specific event. If the cost of the covered accident exceeds your policy’s coverage limit, you’ll have to pay for the extra liability out of pocket. It’s important to understand


What You Need to Know about Special Personal Property Endorsement

While more than 85% of American homes are insured, two-thirds of them have inadequate insurance coverage. The high underinsurance rate is mainly due to the relatively high cost of home insurance coverage and the exclusions in this type of policy. For instance, the standard homeowners insurance excludes damage from earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. Fortunately, there