Ensure That You Don't Open the Door for These Halloween Insurance Claims

Oct 12, 2022


Ensure That You Don't Open the Door for These Halloween Insurance Claims

Halloween is one of the most festive holidays in the year. Everyone participates in some way. Children, pets, and even some parents get dressed up in costumes. Parties are held throughout the month, and everyone who enjoys the holiday hits the streets to enjoy trick-or-treating. Packs of ghouls, goblins, and superheroes can be seen going from house to house, gathering handfuls of candy and other goodies. While you are enjoying the fun and festive activities, you need to be aware of many insurance claims that are often associated with the holiday.

Furry Friends May Not Be So Friendly During Halloween

Not all of our furry friends like to be dressed up. Many don't like the different costumes and loud noises that may occur. A friendly family pet may turn into Cujo if they are confronted with a ghost or other ghoulish-looking costume. All of the costumes and accessories may frighten your pet, causing them to act in an aggressive manner. To prevent this from happening, keep your pets inside your home or kennel them, so they feel secure and protected.

Don't Let Your Spooky Decor Get Out of Hand

Outdoor decorations are awesome to look at. The problem is that a good wind can dislodge them and turn them into a hazard. When you put your decorations in place, make sure they are properly secured. Avoid placing decorations near walkways or where they can become a tripping hazard. If possible, put up a rope barrier around your lawn to prevent adults and children from wandering through your lawn. Check your decorations regularly to ensure they are secure and not leaning into the path of your visitors.

Don't Let Jack Get Overheated

Jack o'lanterns are everywhere on Halloween. Many people still use real candles to illuminate the inside and make the scary faces look ominous. This can become a fire hazard when children walk by in their costumes. Instead of using real candles, use small battery-operated ones. You will still get the light you need without having to worry about anything or anyone catching fire if they get too close.

Protect Your Car While You're Out and About

When you are out and about with the kids, don't forget to protect your vehicle. Just because you will only be gone for a minute or two isn't a good reason for you to leave your car running and unlocked. This is a perfect time for someone to hop in and take your vehicle for a joyride. The number of stolen vehicles rises dramatically during Halloween. Protect your car and your family by parking in a well-lit area and locking it up every time you exit it.

Avoiding Halloween-Related Claims

It's easy to avoid many Halloween-Related claims. Be aware of your surroundings and keep all of your doors and windows locked. If you have security cameras, make sure they are all in good working order. Protect your children by having them wear bright colors with reflective tape on the ankles and wrists. Know where they plan on going and ensure there will be an adult with them at all times.

Ensure Safety with Spotlight Insurance Agency

Halloween can be fun and exciting for everyone. Contact our agents at Spotlight Insurance Agency today. We can provide you with many tips that will help you keep your home and family safe during the festivities.

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